Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Different Aspects Between Gambling and Sports Gambling

“Gambling is a sport like other games, but the only difference between it and most other sports is that it’s no longer considered a sport,” wrote Harold Hamm in his book titled “Gambling – an American Pastime”. It is interesting to note that this statement is coming from the same person who had played in quite a few real sporting events in the past. I was able to interview him and get his opinion on gambling as a sport and how it compares to other gambling games. My conclusion was that the skills of a good poker player were almost identical to those of a good golfer and that the only difference was that poker is an ‘illegal’ game.

While he did not go as far as saying that they are equally skilled, he did go a very long way to point out the similarities between the two types of games. Just like golf, players are evaluated at different levels and are tested at many points during the tournament. Golf involves hitting a ball from a position, whereas the players of poker rely on strategies and their intelligence, similar to the situation in casinos where the players can make decisions based on their intuition and history of being in a position. The end goal of the game is still to win the pot, however, the challenge lies in trying to find new ways to increase your chances of winning. After all, the dealer always lays down the same cards each time and you have only one shot per hand.

There are a lot of similarities between poker and the real world. The pressure of playing poker games is very high and the question is if it is worth it. This pressure does not exist in casinos and there is nothing like the sense of accomplishment that comes from winning big in casino gambling. The big difference between poker and other games of gambling is that in a casino, you can either win big or lose big. If you decide to play in casinos, I recommend learning the game of poker, as it is the best way to test your skills.

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